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Profile Portrait

The Profile Portrait is our most popular offering.

It is more expansive than a Sketch Portrait, and less ambitious than a Life Portrait.

It is a 1-hour audio memoir, in which stories and reflections, carefully edited with music, present a living history of its subject.

After you have filled out the questionnaire, an experienced interviewer will discuss with you what will be covered in a pre-interview by phone, and then will come to your home for a 90-minute recording session. This will be a relaxed, casual conversation, designed to put you at your ease and elicit your best memories and reflections.

The Profile Portrait is the perfect way to say thank you to a trusted friend or colleague, or a treasured family member.

Pricing begins at $2,500.


- a 60-minute, professionally edited and produced interview on CD

- 5 copies on CD, and one copy on a data-stick, for sharing with family and friends

- a CD folder with photos and text, housed in a protective case.

Optional upgrades include an expanded booklet of photos and text, a transcript of the conversation, and additional discs.