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Why Commission a Spoken Portrait?

Anyone can commission a Spoken Portrait: for yourself, a friend, a relative, or a valued colleague. A Spoken Portrait honors a life or event that is worth celebrating. It can mark a special occasion like a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a retirement, a graduation, the birth of a new baby, a sporting or artistic triumph.

We interview people of all ages at all stages of life, with sensitivity, curiosity, and expertise. We want it to be as much fun for you as it is for us. This is a celebration of everything life has to offer!

Not only individuals, but also institutions can commission Spoken Portraits. They can describe what they do, detail their origins and history, and honor their members.  Companies can use a Spoken Portrait to record their aims and accomplishments. We are very committed to the notion of Oral History as an important and evocative way of recording what individuals and society have achieved, and what people have experienced. Schools, clubs and other organizations can create an audio record of their goals and achievements and leave behind a valuable legacy for future generations.