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Each Spoken Portrait is as unique as the person it celebrates. We are happy to offer a variety of add-ons, to ensure you get exactly what you want. These include:

Additional Discs
A popular feature, so that clients can share their Spoken Portrait with as many as they wish.

Some clients like to have a printed transcript of their interview(s). We are happy to provide this useful feature. Pricing varies according to the length of the edited conversation.

Photo Album and/or Picture Disc
The audio interview is the principal element of your Spoken Portrait, but all our packages also include a small CD booklet with text and some photographs. However, some clients ask us to expand their Spoken Portrait with a keepsake photo disc and/or a photo album with extra photos and text. Pricing varies according to the size of the final album

Sometimes clients ask for us to film our interview. We can accommodate this request, though we are principally focused on creating an audio memoir. Pricing is subject to the complexity of set-up, lighting, editing etc.