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This gives an idea of what can be achieved in our most extensive offering, the Life Portrait, which combines many voices to highlight the life and activities of an individual or institution.

Here a member of Shakespeare & Company talks about their work going into Massachusetts schools, and we hear from the kids themselves -- doing acting exercises and talking about why they love Shakespeare.



Marguerite Littman is a throwback to another era, an actress and voice coach who worked with many of the Hollywood Greats. Here, in an extract typical of what you might hear in a Profile Portrait or Life Portrait, she talks about her friendship with the playwright Tennessee Williams and the English director Peter Glenville ("Beckett", "The Comedians").



For Elizabeth Szechenyi, growing up in rural Pennsylvania, her mother's extraordinary family ancestry was something intangible, lost to the ravages of World War II and the Cold War.  
Until one day when Elizabeth went behind the Iron Curtain to see for herself what remained of the Szechenyi legacy and meet the man Hungarians called the "father" of their country. 


This longer excerpt from an oral history project combines the kind of personal memoir you would hear in a Sketch PortraitProfile Portrait or Life Portrait with a performance scene (from "Hamlet").  This is a good example of how an actor or writer can create a Performance Portrait using just their own voice.  See if you can identify the actor.  (Hint: he is soon to be reprising his role as a wizard in Middle Earth).