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Life Portrait

The Life Portrait is the most extensive and detailed of our offerings.

It includes two or more CDs, and involves a minimum of three hours of recorded interviews.

Life Portraits often start with one person's memories, and then we add in recorded stories from family members, colleagues, and friends.

Life Portraits are priceless retirement gifts and wonderful birthday and anniversary presents.

Life Portraits take weeks, sometimes months, to complete, and constitute our premier offering.

Pricing: A Life Portrait is carefully molded to the needs of each individual, so an estimate is given after we have met with the client. Then we are able to decide the approximate amount of time it will take to be produced.  Pricing begins at $5000.


- two or more 60-minute, professionally edited and produced interviews on CD

- 5 copies on CD, and one copy on a data-stick, for sharing with family and friends

- a multi-page commemorative album with photographs and text, packaged with the CDs in a superior presentation case

- Corporate branding available