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"I really enjoyed working with Mark [Ward]..... He is a first-rate producer and a sympathetic interviewer."
Sir Ian McKellen

"I was a little intimidated and nervous... But by the time I had filled out the questionnaire and discussed what I was going to talk about, it was much easier. The interviewer put me at my ease and I found myself remembering all kinds of things.... It was very moving to be able to put all these experiences and emotions into words. Now my daughter will always have a tangible connection with her ancestors, through being able to hear these stories....
We were all thrilled by the end result."
Elizabeth Szechenyi

"This has been so much fun." Peter Meech

"Everyone has always said my father should write a book about his experiences, but he just never was able to do it. When I heard about your service, I persuaded him to be interviewed..... In some ways it's even better than a book because I can hear his voice. It's so personal."
Annie Verdin

"When I listen to all those voices [from our wedding] it's as if we are living it again".
Helen Copeland